Symbol of emotion


Jewellery is a symbol of an emotion, a gift, an expression of love. Errai is a private jewellery company created by Milly Rees, an Australian gemologist now based in Singapore. Milly specializes in diamond grading, precious and semi-precious stones, design and one on one consultation to help you select or create a unique, individual piece.

Errai is about personalized service, understanding your needs and delivering an amazing piece that is as individual as you and the stone itself. Errai specializes in engagement and wedding rings, for both men and women, and also diamond earrings, pendents and bracelets.


All jewellery is crafted by the finest jewellers in Asia. Each client is different, as is each piece created. That’s why Errai gives you an exclusive service, a privileged relationship in jewellery. The clarity of the stone is matched by the clarity of the final piece, a shared process of what you imagined evolves. This is achieved not only through service but also by the use of jewellery models, examples of finished jewellery and loose gemstones.

Milly believes that more and more people want to deal directly with the stone source/designer, they want undivided attention and of course value for money, all of which Errai provides.


After studying at the GIA in New York and having worked for some of the finest jewellers in Europe, Milly is internationally qualified and has a network to source raw materials directly from local and overseas suppliers, including gemstones from diamond trading houses in New York and Antwerp.